Few Good Reasons Why Unsecured Loan Lenders Prefer to Check Your Bank Details

Few Good Reasons Why Unsecured Loan Lenders Prefer to Check Your Bank Details

In case you do not have any valid bank account in your name then you will have to really struggle to get a personal loan. Usually every lender of unsecured loan will ask for the details of your bank account. There are a number of reasons for that and one of the basic reasons for qualifying for a loan is having a bank account.

With this detail, the lender can make payment to your account and later when your time comes for repaying the loan then they can debit the amount from your account. Therefore, unless you provide your account details your loan application cannot be processed at all. Some of the lenders also may demand the bank statements. You may send these details through email in case you are applying for personal loan through online.


Besides having a valid bank account in the USA, you must also fulfill the following criteria too for getting your personal loan application approved by the lender.

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a permanent resident of the USA
  • You must be employed in a company from where you are getting your salary.

Many applicants often wonder whether it is safe to provide complete details of their bank account to any of the lenders. In case, the lender is very well reputed in the market then it may not be a problem.  They are usually very professional in their dealings and can be more liberal in considering your application. Therefore, they will not be bothered to ask your login details of your bank and neither will they ask for more personal details about you.

However, there are a few scammers also available among the lenders against whom you need to guard yourself. Following are a few tips to identify any bad lenders,

  • Such company may demand log-in details about your bank account and may ask you to mail these details to them through your email ID.
  • Your log-in page is usually unsecured and you too will find few warning symbols in your browser too.
  • Such company may ask you to pay the processing fee in advance before approving your loan application.

What info the unsecured loan providers usually ask for

In addition to your bank account details the lenders may request you to provide a number of sensitive personal details. For instance, they may ask your social security number, date of birth, your full name etc. Some of the lenders may demand your employment details, your present income and your residential address so that you can be personally contacted.

Well, nowadays almost every lender will like to know all these details in order to minimize their risks and since all these information’s will reflect upon your financial condition and hence you are obliged to provide these details if you really want your loan approved. However, one precaution that you must take is while providing the web address of your bank is that it must be “https” page which is a secured page.

In case you are submitting all this info through matching service then you must ensure that all your vital details must be provided with limited sharing policies.





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